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Have you ever searched online and struggled to find reliable online stores you can be confident in? Or have you gone to shop online and found it overwhelming with everything scattered around the web with little advice on where to start? If all this sounds familiar then soshapeit is here to help.

We bring you a retail directory which has store listings and information about online retail stores that can meet your every need.

Shopping is supposed to be fun and stress free so using this store directory will help you be better prepared when you are ready for an online shopping spree of any kind. Our online shopping directory is specially designed to help you find retailers that can provide you with a first class service.  Our store directory covers every aspect of shopping from essentials to luxury goods for all the family, so whether you are looking for baby clothes, floral gifts, mobile phones or books our retail business directory has something for you.

We only list reputable and quality retailers in our store directory; similarly our online retail advertising is made up of trustworthy and secure listings. Our site is here to help shopping online be the quick and simple process it should be. Soshapeit is here to help you find exactly what you are looking for from respectable online retail companies.

Shopping online can be a daunting prospect particularly when it comes to trusting the security of different websites. Here at soshapeit you can be sure that we only accept listings from quality online retail stores so that our users can feel safe online. The listings in our retail directory can be accessed quickly and easily and all information is current and up to date meaning that users can browse confidently and without interruptions.


Well over half of adults now shop online and one of the easiest ways to access vetted and secured online stores is to use an online shopping centre directory. Naturally, with so much fraud taking place online there is still suspicion that surrounds online shopping and yet the demand for online retailers is growing as people look for ways to save time and money on their every day and luxury goods.

Online shopping using our store directory can be simple, fun and painless. Our online retail stores are vetted to ensure that they are offering the very best service to our customers.

Shopping online isn’t dependant on the weather and isn’t restricted to a store’s opening hours. With today’s wireless technologies online shopping can be done anywhere and goods can also be accessed from around the world. Using our retail business directory sets apart the recommended from the ruthless and ensures an all round feel good experience.

Personal shopper experience

Do you ever feel like you’d like the personal shopper experience without the price tag? By using our online shopping directory you can feel like you’ve had that one to one experience with access to our comprehensive list of online retail businesses.

So whether you are looking for the latest in electrical gadgetry or some superb skincare products, or indeed if you are looking to make a big dent in your wallet or bargain hunting with some economy shopping, you can access a variety of online retail stores within our retail business directory – and all from the comfort of your own home.

Our shopping centre directory gives you access to stores from all around all in one handy place. No need to trawl the web for reliable retailers as we’ve done the hard work for you and listed them in our store directory in clear categories so you can quickly hone in on what you need.